Upcycled Duvet Cover

It’s been a while since we last showed what the master bedroom used to look like with it’s “safe” look and uninteresting design, so here’s a reminder.
Since then, we’ve sold off the old furniture to make way for a pallet headboard, faux fireplace, refinished chairs, and pallet mirror. Now comes the fun stuff and I’ve been itching to introduce the rest of my color palate to the room.
Felicity Spa Fabric
The new colors will be light blues, greens, golds, and creams, mostly taken from the inspiration of the Felicity Spa fabric from Ballard Designs. The idea is a beachy feel with a touch of glam here and there.

The real trick to this whole project is that we are doing it on an extreme budget, meaning we’ll be using items we already have around, pick up on the cheap, or buy on discount. We originally started out at $50, but we’ve had to inch it more toward the $100 mark – still a great deal for this master makeover.
So far the projects we’ve done haven’t cost us more then some paint, nails, and a yard or two of fabric, so the fabric for this duvet has cost us more then the others for this room. I picked up a greenish-goldish faux suede fabric at my go to discount place- a whole 8 yards to make the duvet cover for about $30.

To pinch pennies, we decided to use the original duvet cover not only as a pattern for the new one, but for the backing as well. This would save me another 8 yards and help me re-purpose my existing duvet – not to mention it’d be on the bottom so no one will ever see it and it’s still in great condition.  My mother-in-law helped us with this project, which was really nice.
The first step was to unpick the original brown duvet cover. Then, using it as a pattern, we cut the length of fabric needed for the cover.
Because the fabric wasn’t long enough, the duvet will have two seams, one on either side of the main swath of fabric that will go down the middle of the bed.
When cutting fabric, it’s really important to make a straight cut, after all this is the line that will be sewn later on. Some fabrics let you make a small cut and then tear them, the tear will be straight down the fibers and ensure your cut is straight. This trick doesn’t work with all fabrics, but when it does, it saves a lot of headache.
We then sewed up the main pieces of the duvet. We opted to insert a 4” piece of fabric along the seams of the duvet so that it would cover more of the bed, but now that it’s done I’m not sure I love it, so do it if you want to, but I’ll not talk too much about it.
We then sewed the newly joined fabric pieces to the original brown duvet top completing the duvet cover.
Here’s what the duvet looks like in front of the headboard. We still have a long way to go making shams, pillows, and adding nightstands and lamps, but it’s one thing at a time.
What I like about this project was getting to convert an old duvet cover into a new one, saving me money and time sewing. It’s an easy way to bring a splash of color into a room that I can dress it up or down using the pillows – which hopefully will be coming soon. I’m ready for a finished bedroom already.

Update: We revealed the master bedroom and chatted it up about all the costs involved here. Check it out.

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  1. Loving what you have done so far, can’t wait to see the rest:)


  1. […] Update: The master bedroom project is coming right along, check out our other pallet project as well as the curtains and duvet cover. […]