The Peacock Bathroom Reveal and Cost Breakdown

I don’t know about you, but the cost breakdown at the end of a project is our favorite kind of post. We get to use the best pictures we’ve taken and talk all about the sweet deals we’ve scored – but maybe that’s just my finance degree talking.
before and after peacock bathroom
We started this project way back in November, but with the holidays, progress slowed to a crawl. The above picture doesn’t show the real “before” shot since we’d done a lot of work to the bathroom before we started the project. If only we had all the glorious shots from the Potty Pasta era to show you… In any case, let’s roll it back as we recap the kids peacock bathroom adventure.

FYI: We got all fancy and put some mouse-over action on a few of the before and after shots, just so you know-

Setting the Mood
The concept for the mood board that kept us on track was developed from Whitney’s fascination with peacock colors, and the desire to create a fun and bright bathroom for the kids. The fact that Whitney dressed up as a peacock last Halloween had nothing to do with it (so she swears).
peacock bathroom

Lighten it up
One of the first projects we took up was the painting of the walls from dark brown to a light tan – similar to Glidden’s Navajo Sand. While we’d traditionally not do something so neutral, we really wanted the mural to pop against a plain background. We also knew that the shower curtain would be a bold color that didn’t need any competition from the walls. And since we were at it, we decided to paint the ceiling the same color.
We also worked on bringing our trim and moulding up to snuff with a bit of sand paper and the help from a pneumatic spray painter.
painting trim

Cost: We mixed the paint ourselves using what we had around in our oops collection so we’ll count this one $5 in tan paint, and about $4 in semi-gloss white paint for the trim. Keep in mind that it’s really not that big of a room and didn’t need a lot of paint.

Goodbye Oak
We’ve had a tough time knowing what to do with the old vanity. We first tried to solve the problem by painting over the oak with a dark teal, but it was too harsh against the tile, so we rusticated it. I’m all for the shabby look, but this was poorly executed and it showed in a big way. Thank goodness for do-overs and cheap wood at The Home Depot. We used cedar fencing to cover the old vanity, and even made our own doors for the piece. Add a little English Chestnut stain and you’ve got a total transformation.

Cost: At $1.50 per fence slat, we used about $13.50 worth of wood. I had to pick up four hinges that set me back $6.00, but the stain was part of our stash, so we’ll call that one a freebie.

Paul Bunyan Style
A newly decorated bathroom doesn’t need the haunting of a crappy plastic stool to mess things up, so we made our own out of a log that Whitney scored by batting her eyes at some soft-hearted tree trimmer. As a bonus, I got to wield the power that comes from a chain saw – and make a face that I now regret ever posting.

wood stool, log stool

Cost: This one was as free as they come, and I’m happy to report I didn’t loose a finger either.

With the rustic pieces in place it was time for Whitney to work her painting magic. Whitney gave us a play by play of making it too, starting out with her trick on getting the outline on the wall, and then later on mixing paint and getting cozy with color. The series ended with a hint on blending paint using something quite “handy”. Okay, that was lame…but it’s still a good method.
peacock mural
But the painting didn’t stop there. We first posted our project on painting glass bell lights as part of I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar’s “Just Like New” event and were blown away by all the nice comments we got. Both painting projects took many a late night to do, so it was fun to see Whit’s hard work pay off.
paint glass

Cost: The mural didn’t cost anything besides the damage that comes from Dad’s cooking, but the light fixture was $5 at a yard sale. The bell glass was salvaged from the old light fixture. Once again, the paint came from our collection so the cost was nil.

No Ruffled Feathers Here
The last major project of the bathroom had us hard at work using circular ruffles to make our layered shower curtain. We also found a new solution to get rid of the crappy spring rod that had been more of a nuisance than anything. The new curtain hangs beautifully and actually reaches the floor.  Sweet!  Oh, and if you’re counting, the votes were tallied and you folks thought Whitney looked better in ruffles than the bathroom does.

ruffled shower curtain

Cost: We scored 8 yards of the sheer fabric from Walmart at a steal of .87/yard for a total of $7.00. The twin sheet we used was only $2.00 at goodwill. As for the track system from Ikea, the rails, mounts, and accessories set us back $32.50 making it the most costly of the projects completed.

Mustard Please
The accessories were supposed to accent the space and not compete against the mural, the vanity, or the shower curtain. Using yellow we were able to fit nicely within our color pallet and still spice up the space. We achieved our final look by re-purposing a bird cage into a hand towel holder, adding a bath mat, putting pulls on the vanity, and decorating with some odds and ends. And let’s not forget the new mirror from The Home Depot which served to help the space feel larger.

peacock accessories

Cost: Since the bird cage was abandoned in the shed when we bought the place, we only had to spend the $4 on Krylon spray paint. The knobs came from Hobby Lobby during a recent sale so all 4 came to $8.00. The rug was on clearance at Kohls, and we snagged the last one for $12.00. The mirror was $30 while the picture frame and candle both came from our collection of “stuff”.

peacock bathroom
We learned from the master bedroom project that costs can slowly slip away so we were careful to keep our budget a bit more flexible this time. We allowed ourselves up to $150, and this is how we fared:

Paint: $13.00
Supplies: $19.50
Lighting and Mirror: $35.00
Curtains: $41.50
Accessories: $20.00

Total Cost: $129.00

The kid’s bathroom is now more of a whimsical fun place for the kids to get ready in the morning or brush teeth at night. After a few too many attempts at half-heartedly decorating this one, I think we can finally cross the kid’s bathroom off of our to-do list.

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  1. Very nice work on that vanity!! And what a great price!

  2. Cindy Hughes says:

    I’m not sure how I found your site but it has been a lot of fun “watching” you fix your house up and all the cute ideas that are so easy for anyone to try. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Very beautiful! I’m so impressed with the final outcome, good job!

  4. Phenomenal job!!

  5. ok.. my question is; How long did it all take?
    It looks so Artsy and I love the peacock!

  6. You guys totally rocked it. It’s beautiful, creative, unique, and fun. I love the colors and what you did to the cabinets. What a great team you guys make. And that mural? Incredible. Way to go!

  7. I love this space, that peacock is amazing!

  8. What fun to follow along with the process and then rejoice with you in the reveal …. hmm … I may need to use that idea next week as I finally tackle my teen’s room remodel. Just only hope that people will want to (and understand why) they are following the process). I’ve never tried that approach before …


  9. OH MY GOSH! This seriously looks like a completely different bathroom! I LOVE everything about it! Seriously, you guys did an AMAZING job! Did I say seriously yet? lol 😉

  10. Gorgeous! I love the transformation.


  11. okay those light fixture globes totally got my mouth droppin’! love them!

  12. I love the peacock bathroom! The wood vanity and stool look great, and I love the deep turquoise shower curtain! Great job on the painting too!

  13. I love your peacock bathroom. What a creative idea! :)

  14. Wow!! That is beyond beautiful!! I love that color and the ruffles are gorgeous! Good job you two :)

  15. it looks amazing! love the fun colors!

  16. ohhhh I LOVE the final vanity look! I liked the teal but I LOVE the wood finished look that you got!! :) I am offically inspired! So glad to be new blog friends!

  17. I love the creativity that went into your bathroom makeover :-) It all looks great – I’m seriously digging the painted glass shades on the light fixture. And the mural is pretty fantastic too :-)

  18. i love peacock bird beautiful bird


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