The Master Bedroom Reveal and Cost Breakdown

As much as we’ve enjoyed the master bedroom makeover ride, I think it’s safe to say that we’re glad to have it finally done.

Pallet headboard master bedroom reveal

I guess I shouldn’t use the word done knowing my wife, since she’ll continually tweak and improve on the design – but I’m guessing the current layout will be set at least for a while since we both really like the bright beachy feel. In fact, if you’ll remember our original mood board, airy and relaxed was our goal.
mood board of master bedroom
Let’s take a walk down memory lane to point out all the projects that made this room come together, complete with costs and maybe a thing or two we learned along the way.  Psst, hover over some of the pictures to see the before shot.

Down to Business
We started out by gutting the room so we could paint. We actually sold the bed frame, night stands, and the dresser online since we didn’t have another place to put them and we’d be able to use the cash from the sale for our makeover.

Cost: We made $425 Whoot!

Beachy Blue
Our next project had Whitney mixing up our own paint – originally trying for Martha Stewart’s Spring Melt, we ended up going for a slightly different version of the color. We didn’t worry so much about taping off the room since we planned on taking care of baseboards in the next step.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Cost: Roughly $5 in paint and supplies since we used what we had on hand. This project would probably set you back $25 if you were to head to the store to purchase the paint.

Trimmin’ it Up
Since we had purchased new moulding and baseboards for the rest of the house when we moved in, we figured that now would be the best time to finally change out the trim in the master bedroom. We came up with an interesting way to get that finished contractor look, and minimize having to use a lot of tape to get clean lines.

Cost: The baseboard cost $36 and the door and window trim set us back $20. We already had this on hand from a previous project so it didn’t feel like we had spent anything here, but we’re counting the cost anyway.

DIY Pallet Headboard
We channeled our inner woodsman by dicing and splicing up pallets for the pallet headboard. We feel pretty cool that so many sites including Miss Mustard Seed gushed over it – but even had that not happened, we still love it.

Cost: While the pallets were free, I did have to buy new blades for the sawzall for about $5 and used about $3 in finishing nails.

Seashell Art
Fresh off a trip to sunny San Diego had us missing the beach. Whitney put the shells and sand dollars to good use by finding a creative way to display them.

Cost: We re-purposed an old frame and dressed up some seashells with just a bit of paint and rope, so we’re gonna call this one pretty much a freebie.

Ballard Designs Knockoff Chair
We were able to get a $500 look in the room for a fraction of the cost with this furniture paint and re-upholstery job. We used the fabric inspired by Ballard Designs and a bit of trim from Hobby Lobby to make it all happen.  Check out all of that action here.

Cost: Chairs came out to be $10 for the pair at a yard sale. We couldn’t have used more than $1 in paint and primer we already had. The biggest expense was the $15 in fabric and the $5 in trim. At $31 we thought it was fantastic deal.

Pallet Mirror
With some pallets left over from the pallet headboard and a mirror that came as part of a new dresser we picked up at one of the last garage sales of the season, we created a pallet mirror to hang over the faux fireplace which we had moved from downstairs to the master bedroom.

Cost: Once again the pallets came free thanks to Whitney making a plea to a couple local merchants and we’ll allocate $2 out of the $20 we spent on the dresser toward the cost of the mirror. The contractor’s glue from Home Depot was $3.

A Duvet Cover…Again
We changed up the old duvet cover with goldish-green light weight faux suede fabric. It added the punch of color we needed. Whitney added a dark grey bed-skirt she found at Target to help complete the look.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Costs: The bed turned out to be the most expensive project of the room with the fabric costing $30 and the grey bed-skirt $27.

Canvas Art Makeover
One of my favorite projects was Whitney’s transformation of the outdated canvas art we picked up and turned them into pieces inspired by Ballard Designs.
Inspired art
Costs: The canvas art pieces totaled $.10 and since she used good -ole house paint ($.50 worth), this art was nearly free too.

DIY Drapes, Finials, and Rope Tiebacks
We still laugh about the lady serving mimosas at a yard sale, but nothing makes us more happy then saving money, which is exactly what we did by making our own drapes, finials, and rope tiebacks. I just know we’ll be painting these curtains in the future, stay tuned.

Costs: The curtain fabric was only $2, but the rod we picked up at Hobby Lobby was $22 after a 40% off coupon. The finials were free since we re-puprosed them, and the rope tiebacks were made from the largest natural rope one can buy from Lowe’s at $.69/ft ($6.00).

That Gold Stuff
Not everyone has jumped on the gold train, but it fits in so well with the new master room that we just had to have it as an accent. Our main gold piece is this old gold pendant ball light that dresses up the corner.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Costs: Once of the best garage sell finds of the summer at only $4 and a smidge of gold spray paint to cover the cord.

Pillow Talk
Whitney’s obsession with pillows paid off in a big way with our DIY pillows. We saved on the pillows themselves by reusing ones that we had around.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Costs: We’re not counting the pillows themselves since we got them so long ago, but we did end up using about $20 in fabric from our favorite stores.

Smelly Night Stands
My sacrifice for not breathing from San Diego until we got back home was worth the resuscitation efforts with our gold and cream night stands. We definitely learned that painting in cold weather is not advised, but we were able to fix them up and transform them into just the thing to go next to the headboard.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Costs: We bargained with the seller of these tables getting her down to $8 for the set on account of the broken handle which we easily fixed. We won’t bother to count the paint on this one since it was minimal.

DIY Drum Shades and Carboy Lamps
We delved into the world of lamp making by not only figuring our how to wire a carboy jar, but also how to turn some very ugly crafting hoops into a drum shade that would have cost us a chunk of change at the store. We’re still a little impressed with ourselves.
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Costs: The carboys and craft hoops were a total of $1, while the combination of burlap and interfacing came to $8.

We originally had a budget of $50, but later increased it to $100. We’re pretty cheap, but I think we shot way too low on this one. Once we passed that mark, we figured the extra cost would be worth getting the right look, and we’re glad we did. All in all, here’s how we came out on the master bedroom makeover:

Paint and Supplies: $17
Furniture: $18
Trim work: $56
Accessories: $61.10
Fabric: $80

Total cost: $232.10
Total cost after furniture sale: We made $192.90!
Gold master bedroom, inexpensive decor, diy bedroom
Wow, what an upgrade, especially to find out we actually made money on redesigning our entire room. We both agree that the new room is so much better than what it was before, but what do YOU think?

And if you like what we’ve done here, take a minute to explore more of our projects like our children’s shared bedroom. And as always, we appreciate your pins!

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  1. The entire room is more then beautiful. You nailed your mood board, and then some. I have followed the room reno as you went… the Ballard knock off chairs, the pillows, and my lamps 😉 Looks fantastic. What a wonderful job. Sweet dreams in your new space =)

  2. Gorgeous makeover! I LOVE that headboard!

  3. Holy Cow! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Elegant, but very relaxing. Gorgeous job! And those lamps…. Your made from scratch lamp shade is AWESOME!

  4. THIS IS AMAZING! It is absolutely bea.ti.ful and so crisp looking without being cold. Crisp and cozy, I’d say! I would move in there, I’m a little envious that this is your real-life room! Looks like it came out of a magazine :)

  5. Wow what a great job you did! That headboard and fire place/mirror is just stunning!! Jealous!! : )


  6. Fantastic and you made money. Wow, that never happens. Your room is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love it – everything from the pallet headboard to the chair recovering. Gorgeous.

  8. You people are freakin’ genius s!

  9. Beautiful! Highlights for me: the Ballard knock off chairs and the drum shades. But it all looks lovely and calming, everything a bedroom should be!

  10. Now that’s a bedroom one can live in, yet still feel like you’re in a fancy spa/hotel. I love all of the projects, and that you repurposed so much. Very creative with beautiful results!

  11. Looks amazing guys!! Well done! And a profit to boot! Hope you two treated yourselves to a nice dinner after all that hard work:)

  12. Oh snap! Just noticed the new header! LOVE it!!

  13. LOVE it! You did a FANTASTIC job! I’m a new follower!

    Creatively Living Outside the Box

  14. Amazing makeover! I LUV the headboard..but I’m partial cuz I just make one outta a Reclaimed Truss… Yay for recycling!

  15. Love it! It all goes together so nicely! Great work!

  16. love it!

  17. So totally love it! Time to get going on my beachy master bedroom!!

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful bedroom! This is so gorgeous!!

  19. You guys did a truly amazing job – everything came together beautifully. I especially love the carboy lamps. They fit perfectly in their space and don’t look too big at all. Can you come do my bedroom next? Yeah? Okay great, thanks!

  20. Hi! I found your blog through, and I love it! One of my new favorite DIY blogs. We are hoping to buy a fixer upper next year, so I am trying to find as many good decorating ideas to use/steal as I can! It was fun to find out who the Hen was, since I actually served with Whitney in Italy. I was in Florence when her aunt and uncle came through to visit. I think she went home pretty seen after I arrived, but it’s so nice to see your blog and beautiful family. Great job!

  21. Woow great job, it seems to me via mission impossible. Ah, so different from things in our Europe. Greetings from me and the Czech Republic.

  22. Wow! I am in love! I saw a pile of pallets stacked outside a church dumpster a couple of days ago – I think I’ll go back and see if they are still there. I’ve been loving all the pallet decor on Pinterest lately but didn’t have a specific project in mind. However, the headboard is right down our alley! Great job, guys!

  23. Your room looks AMAZING! Great job on the transformation!

  24. The room looks SO GOOD! You did a great job and you’re site looks great too! I’m so impressed how quickly you get things done:) SO glad you went with the glass lamps..they make the room! :)

  25. It looks fantastic! Although every time I go to paint I spend $50 just on paint. I’m guessing you didn’t paint the whole room for that price.

  26. Wowzah. I am absolutely blown away. And the fact that you made money on the whole transformation is killing me! Way to go. The headboard is fantastic as are the chairs. All so pretty and unique.

  27. Oh MY goodness! AMAZING!!! Do you feel like you’re living in a magazine? :)


  28. wow. i am so impressed. i love all the work you guys did. so many cute details. and all for a great price too… great job!

  29. This looks amazing! You must enjoy it so much. I agree that one of the favorites are the paintings made from house paint. Congrats on your new room!

  30. This looks awesome!

  31. Love the color choices! Great details!

  32. Fabulous job!!

  33. Great work guys! I’m impressed you were able to pull it together in so little time.
    BTW, your photos are looking fantastic.

  34. so beautiful. I love the lamps, the headboard, and the paintings. Great job. winks-jen

  35. Your bedroom reveal is just gorgeous… great job.

    And, the new site design is lovely as well… but if I could make a wee suggestion from a potential new reader? I just discovered you from a link in my feed reader. Intrigued, I went to read your older posts, but your home page only shows an excerpt, and there’s no navigation from one post to the next, which makes it harder for me to read them in order without having to click back to your home page every time I want to read the next post. That might be a deterrent to the lazy or time-constrained (of which I am both… 😉 ).
    Also, your feed only shows the excerpt… so it’s just really hard to get to your full posts without lots of clicking and page loading.
    Just a thought…

    • Thank you, that is so helpful. We just redesigned the site last week so there are some things that we’re figuring out as we go. I’ll change that asap! Thank you!

  36. amazing! I’m getting ready to think about re-doing my master and I love all the inspiration!! Your room is beautiful!

  37. I just connected here from Homepodge. What a beautiful transformation. I recently redecorated my guest bedroom with a budget of $200, and am blown away that you MADE money on your design. Next time, I’m inviting you to my house!

    • We lucked out by having furniture that sold – that you did it for $200 is amazing! Headed over to your blog now to check it out!

  38. That headboard is fantastic! I saw something on Pinterest that did an entire wall, but I like the headboard better.

  39. This looks amazing and I’m always looking for something to create with pallets! I hope you’ll stop by our linky party this week at InspiredHoneyBee.blogspot .. xoxox Debbie

  40. Beautiful! Great details!! The headboard is awesome!!!

  41. This is ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. What a gorgeous, soothing…yet unique room! Seriously amazing!

  42. It turned out beautifully! I love that headboard!

  43. I love the room-escpecially the fireplace! So pretty. And the warmth of the wood behind the bed is awesome. I love your style!
    While my husband “Biceps” was on tour, I very frugally (Is that a word-frugally?) redid both our Master Bedroom:
    and our Master Bathroom:

    I did it all on a very tight budget, like you. Stop by if you get bored sometime. I love to show off my frugal handiwork!

  44. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ROOM. Hope you don’t mind if I copy it in our own Master. Lol. We’ll see how that goes. Hubby and I can’t decide on what colors we want. I’ll have to show him this. I bet he’ll love it. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet home.

    • Thanks Jamie, I’m sure he’ll love it too. Nice middle ground between masculine and feminine, at least we think so…

  45. I absolutely love this, it is magazine worthy–such a beauty! Thanks for sharing at Beyond the Picket Fence.

  46. This turned out amazing!! I needed some inspiration for my master bedroom and I am loving all your ideas! I would love for you to come link up at our link party…

  47. Wow its gorgeous i love the lamps and the headboard xxx

  48. This is super creative.Your re-do is wonderful..I love it.. Very inspirational blog you have here.. So much creativity.. Officially following ya with smiles.. I’m Marilyn and will love for you to stop in sometime.. I have a Pin’Inspirational party happening right now I’d LOVE for you to link this to please..? TY so much.. Wishing you a great start to your weekend..

  49. LOVE the new site and that logo is uh.dor.a.ble. Love it! Where’d you snag those carboys? I’m jealous

  50. Wow! That’s fantastic! And I love that you actually made money on it… Would you please consider sharing it here?

  51. I love how the entire room came together. Great colors! Absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by to link up!

    The Not So Functional Housewife

  52. oh my wowzers. I’m green with envy! And I recognize the fireplace from… BetterAfter was it?? Just love everything!!!! Time for me to go climb into my boring bed in my boring room. good night! :) haha

  53. Ok its official, I am your newest follower. That room is to die for. Looks like you spent $1000’s not made money. Massive congratulations.

  54. FAB-U-LOUS ! Love everything, especially the canvas’s and the fabric on the two gorgeous chairs. I’m just going to look up Ballard Designs because I’m wondering if I can get any of that fabric in the UK ! Thanks Fiona

  55. Love the room. I am now in search of pallets! I want to build the bed! Beautiful work.

  56. You are featured on AP Tuesday @ New Nostalgia! Thanks for linking up!!

  57. this whole room is STUNNING!!! what a great makeover at such a great cost!!

  58. Looks fabulous!! I love it – especially since we have a similar headboard! Lol.

  59. That head board was simply amazing. It is exactly the feel I want in my bedroom. AWESOME!!! You guys nailed it!!!

  60. I love it. You guys are truly talented. I love that you do this together.

  61. Aaaahh!! Thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to ditch our current bedroom set which is very similar to your before set. But of course it’s nice and there’s nothing wrong with it and he couldn’t quite envision what I wanted. Now that he sees your room which is very similar to what I want he LOVES it and is totally on board! Thank you!

  62. *jaw on the floor… You MADE money redoing your bedroom?? You are amazing, and I love your colors and design style. I’ll be pinning this post like crazy! I’d love it if you stopped by and said hey in my neck of the woods!

  63. I just saw this in This Old House magazine and had to come tell you how much I just love the whole room. You guys did a great job!!!

  64. Your bedroom looks fabulous!! I was curious how you keep your pillows from snagging on the pallet headboard?

  65. I featured your headboard on my blog:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I can’t wait to make this.



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