The Big Finale (And Our Tree): Day Twelve

One of the first Christmas decor items we drag up the stairs (sometimes while the turkey is still warm) is our Christmas tree. Dustin managed to get nearly 800 lights on it this year, although by the time it was fully decorated, I think you can only see about a tenth of that. Our holiday light stash is mostly the frenzy we feel at the local stores after Christmas clearance when we stock up for the next year. Let’s hear a woot for under-stair storage!
Twelve days of christmas decor
This year will be no different. I’m sure we’ll be scouring deals and decor for next year. We thought it would be fitting to devote day twelve to one of the biggest Christmas icons out there – and help give us a little inspiration as we ponder a new Christmas tree theme.
day twelve
On the Twelfth day of Christmas, may you inspired be, Twelve fancy trees
Eleven or-na-ments
Ten rockin’ mantels
Nine splendid stockings
Eight glitzy garlands
Seven festive branches
Six elves a wrapping
Five feathered wreaths
Four well-read trees
Three artsy “tutes”
Two tree toppers
And a pillow bow (the final cost is free).

It’s ok, you can sing it through if you want, we’ll wait.

I promised to show you all of Holly’s cool gold chain and handmade ornament tree, and here it is. I love the white twigs coming through – the whole tree is perfect in her living room.
gold and brown tree
Holly went overboard and actually put up two trees. This one is frosted with big ornaments – some of them wrapped in yarn. I love how she put it in a pot too, so cool!
flocked tree
tree in a planter pot
Inspiration just poured in with Restore Interiors’s burlap bow tree complete with music sheet pinwheels.
Burlap christmas tree
Going along that rustic vibe, I love this tree in a trough by Junk Warehouse. I also love the idea of putting shutters or a backdrop behind a tree. Who says it has to be in front of a huge bay window?
christmas tree in a bucket
The next three trees were all shown by Trendy Tree and are so full and lively I just had to share them! They all provide me so much inspiration for next year’s tree makeover.
candy christmas tree
candy tree
beautiful tree
Martha Stewart came up with an idea to change vintage seed packets into tree ornaments. Makes you want a farmhouse doesn’t it?
seed packet christmas tree
For those that are a little scrunched on space or want something not quite as traditional, we’ve got three options for you. The first is by Pure Deco and combines twigs and lights for some festive trees. I’m hoping those are fake candles underneath though…
twig tree
Another option is to frame up these ornaments with a sweet frame, just like BHG showed.
wall tree
Or for those of us with nearly no space at all, a simple doodle of a tree on a wall manages to bring in some holiday cheer. Nice idea by Style Me Pretty.
wall christmas tree
And lastly, here’s our 2011 tree and how we got it ready for Christmas. We’re all about layers, so we really piled it on – from ribbon and glass ornaments to berry garland and poinsettias. Our gold and red themed tree has been fun to have around, but we’re excited for something new next year. With so many options our there, I’m sure we won’t have any trouble finding something that’s personal, unique, and totally us.
christmas tree gif

Thanks for joining us on our twelve days of unique Christmas decor for 2011. We’ll be back starting next week with some stuff we’ve been working on but couldn’t post just in case certain people are readers – we’d hate to spoil Christmas. Plus we’ll be back to work on the peacock bathroom and start some new projects for 2012. Whoa, where did the year go?

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love all the tree ideas … and your tree as well. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas weekend!