A Dreamy Beach House Tour

A lazy Sunday evening has us ready for bed at the same time as the kids. Inside I know that seven is way too early to tuck in for the night, but I figure tomorrow will bring all the regular running around and I could use the rest. After all, sleep is just one of those indulgences we reserve for Sunday, and after a hectic week, we’ve earned it.

Snow Storm

Outside the March winds have wrapped us in a blanket of snow and cold – one of the few times this winter. Hunkered down in blankets, my mind drifts off, thinking of warm spring days in San Diego where Dustin and I walk along the coast picking up shells and flinging them back into the ocean. The kids are somewhere, it’s not entirely clear where, but I have the distinct impression that they are safe and having fun, so I’m not to worry.

I take a deep breath of the fresh sea air and toss my flowing locks to one side when suddenly, in front of our path is a gorgeous beach house, complete with swaying palms, white travertine walkways, and tiki torches. As if to say “welcome” the door lazily swings open. Of course, we can’t help but go inside.
Two toned stripes
We’re greeted by an open hall with a small office to one side. The two-toned striped walls and contrasting furniture are a nod to the coastal community. Dustin sets down the picnic basket we’ve brought to exchange it for the DSLR camera while I slip off the shoes I’ve been wearing, exposing my beautifully painted toe nails.
dining room

Dustin grabs my hand as I gasp at the sight of the dining room. Instantly I know I’m in love with the drum light fixtures and decide that I’m sold on varied dining chairs.
dining room
The tour continues, this time into the music room, or so I’d assume with its large grand piano and comfortable sofa.
music room
Directly across we finally come into the living room, with a double-sided fireplace separating the two spaces. The beachy theme has been a constant and I can’t help but feel relaxed enough to take a seat. It never occurs to me that someone might actually live here…and if they did, it’s a given that they’d want me to feel right at home.
living room
Natural fibers and linen fabrics lend themselves to the inviting feel while the dark wood accent pieces add sophistication to the space.
Outside, the smallest tiled details and the use of flagstones and weathered wood keep the mood tranquil. I take a brief moment to plan my next outdoor party, noting that the caterers will serve hor d’oeuvres until dinner is ready, dancing will be on the patio to the left, and I’ll only light the fireplace should temperatures dip below 65, a rarity in the summer.
three toned bedroom
It suddenly dons on me that not all of my guests will be local, as a few will be flying in for the event, so I head upstairs to view the bedroom accommodations.
white and green bedroom

master bedroom

painted bedroom
Each bedroom has a unique treatment on the walls, so I suppose I won’t bother assigning the rooms to my guests, it’ll simply be first come first serve.
family room
I’ve always liked the idea of a separate family room upstairs but doubt that I’ll be using it as such given all the entertaining we’ll be doing. Dustin quickly draws up plans on the grid paper he keeps in his back pocket of how we’ll be converting this into a second master bedroom, complete with exercise room, massaging shower, and pool.

I nod in approval as we start the decent down the stairs. Somehow my dress train has gotten tangled in between the hooves of the white steed Dustin has been riding and I stumble, tripping over my toy poodle and falling the rest of the way down the stairs.

Dustin doesn’t seem to care. He’s still snoozing away and I realize I’m now staring at the ceiling wondering how it’s only midnight and why I don’t paint my toe nails more often. Outside, winter rages on.

This home built by Pardee.  If you like home tours, might we suggest A Primary Color House Tour or A Casual Home Tour?

A Post About Chainsaws and Friday The Thirteenth – Well, Kinda

We’re on Cloud Nine over here today, thanks to a panel of judges at Not Just a Housewife picking our Beachy Glam Master Bedroom as one of the 6 best DIY projects of 2011. When we entered, along with 774 others, we figured it’d be a shot in the dark since there are so many great DIY projects out there, but we were pleasantly surprised to be included. Sweet!
Not Just A Housewife
General voting is going on now until Friday (the Thirteenth – that doesn’t sound too lucky now does it?) to determine the best of the best. You can vote once per day until then, and let’s suffice it to say that we’d appreciate your vote to help us win a bundle of DIY goodies to keep our shelves stocked of some cool supplies.  Click here to head over and vote.
beachy glam master bedroom
We’ll be back tomorrow with an explanation of how this photo has anything to do with home decor, a peacock bathroom, or decorating in general.  Or does it?

A Linktastic 2011

Having done our share of surfing the web, it seems to be all the rage to do a recap of the year (or in our case, our first three months) and talk about the projects we’ve completed or started during 2011. It’s also a good way to let our new readers catch up on what they may have missed. Or maybe this is just an excuse to get our 70th post out there before we mumble the words to Auld Lang Syne tomorrow night.
Vintage rooster and hen
Since we began our blogging journey we’ve come to realize a few things:
1) Editing and writing take a lot more time than the actual projects. Blogging in gerenal takes more time than we originally thought. Thank goodness it’s something we enjoy.
2) Growing a successful blog is more than just posting consistant content, it’s interacting with readers, fellow bloggers, and finding meaningful ways to communicate with those that like us enough to come back week after week.
3) Photography is (nearly) everything. Photographs typically can make or break a post and we’re still battling to make our photography be what we envision in our heads. Be patient with us, we’ll get it down.

But we’ve also learned a few things about our style and what type of bloggers we hope to be. While we do our fair share of crafts, we really want to focus more on design elements. We’ve had the most fun with these decor projects and plan on continuing with them in 2012, but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be crafting along the way to pull off our thrifty style.

As for 2011, it’s about all wrapped up – where has the year even gone? Well, the last part at least, went a little like this:

We kicked things off way back in September with our faux fireplace redo. This was a multi-phase project, although it wasn’t intended to be. First we painted it, then filled it up with wood, got it ready for Halloween, and ultimately moved it to the master bedroom project. Of course, it took us a couple of months to get from point A to point B…
wood filled fireplace
We then moved on to try our hand at our first upholstery job with the chairs we deemed the ugliest ever. We transformed them with a zebra-striped theme, you can check more of that project out here.
Zebra Chairs
September also had us channeling our inner chicken by creating a photo wall inspired by all things nest-like.
nest photo wall
In October it was all about the beachy master bedroom project (inspired by the beach glam mood board).  We had all sorts of projects from creating a pallet headboard and mirror, making our own duvet cover and curtains, to blinging out the space in gold, making carboy lamps, and getting down and dirty with paint and baseboard trim. You can read all about the project’s costs and how we actually made money on this redo here.
master bedroom

And let’s not forget the Ballard Design knockoff chairs and art.

ballard inspired chairs
We did take a break from the project to update you on a couple of other DIY projects around the house, first the yellow laundry cabinet makeover and then later the Walmart saddle stool transformation.
yellow laundry
November brought out another mood board, this time for a peacock bathroom, which we’re still working on. The holidays have slowed us down a bit here, but we’ll be back with a vengeance in January as we complete this space.
peacock mood board
We opened up our Etsy shop in December and started selling a few of our homemade dish towels. We’ve been pleased with where it’s gone, and have plans to add more to it in the coming months.
Etsy dish towels
December had us wrapped up in all sorts of activities getting ready for the holidays, including our twelve days of Unique Christmas Decor series where we highlighted unique projects from family, friends, and DIYers on the web.
12 days of unique decor
We’ll be back next year with a few of our 2012 goals and a bit about the projects we hope to undertake. Until then, we hope you have a fantastic New Year!

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