Spring Fling RRR Transformation Features

Kelly, the amazing blogger that she is, wasted no time making her way through all the links from last week’s party. Like her, we were impressed by all the innovative and inspiring transformations that you’ve been working on this spring.
Eclectically Vintage
So let’s jump in and show you what really stood out to us this week.

Kelly’s pick: “An empty spot in her screened in porch had Maple & Magnolia searching her barn for inspiration where she spotted the perfect piece (ok, we’re all jealous that she has this barn stockpile)! Watch out – I am sneaking over in the night to steal this beauty!”

Whitney’s pick: What is it about pallet projects that I just love? And when they’re painted red by Redoux? Oh yes…

Dustin’s pick: I’m writing this so I’ve decided that I’ve got to sneak in my favorite repurposed linkups along with Whitney and Kelly. Bliss Ranch transformed this “craptastic” chest of drawers in to a rockin’ piece. I thought the use of belts, drumsticks, and the writing was pure genius.

Kelly’s pick: “Betsy Speert may have gone too far with her guest bedroom because her guests may
never want to leave! Who would when they could relax while admiring the fabulous bird pottery collection and eclectic mix of tropical furniture?”

Whitney’s pick: The paper Whitney passed me with her picks on it simply said “Holy Wow” next to Stay At Home-ista’s majestic white kitchen. I’m guessing that she said that not out of a desire to run circles around her island, but because of the incredible kitchen cabinets – both inside and out. You have to see this – upgrading to silent closing drawers will no longer satisfy us now…

Kelly’s pick: “This fun boy’s bedroom from Sunshine on the Inside is full of DIY ideas! From the gutter book shelves, to the embroidery hoop monogrammed headboard, to the chalkboard backsplash on the desk that’s tucked into the closet, to the hand made duvet and artwork display… it’s a little boy’s dream!”

Whitney’s pick: An in-depth tutorial on using copper paint to transform a white dresser into a “super fab” version made this reveal a real winner in our book from Thrifty Inspirations.

So who takes the cake with the most clicks this week? Why none other than David from Cheltenham Road. We’ve mentioned David in the past and were serious…if you like humor mixed in with some wicked awesome talent, he’s your dude. You can add him to the list of talented bloggers we want to meet someday. You won’t believe what this kitchen looked like in the before shots…

And our second most clicked link at the party was one of our new found favorite husband/wife duos from This Sorta Old Life and their transformed living room. You’ll remember they did the door coffee table from a party or two ago. Yeah, they have some serious talent!

Thanks to everyone that linked up, with a special thanks to Kelly. She was such a wonderful and willing guest judge, thanks so much coming by to help us pick out some great features!

If you nabbed a feature either here or on Facebook, feel free to help yourselves to one of our featured buttons.

Next Friday is a whole new ball of wax, so start thinking of your next Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal transformations now.

And remember, if you’d like to pin these (and really, why wouldn’t you?), please remember to do so from their respective websites to give credit where credit is due.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my kitchen! And Bliss’ dresser. I swear I’m going to sneak onto her ranch and “borrow” it:)


  2. A great party and some really, truly fabulous features! Can’t wait until the next one …



  3. Great featurrs-most were on my list and it was tough to narrow down the picks!

    David and Jessicas kitchens are especially fabulous!

    Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox this week.

  4. Thanks for hosting the party! Great feature choices. All definitely very special projects!!

  5. Thanks so much you guys!
    I have to say M&M’s potting bench makes me want to actually garden. However, I am known in several states as a plant serial killer so, for the fauna’s sake I’m gonna stick to furniture.
    And thanks for inspiring me to get the rest of the house into gear! Have a great weekend.

  6. What fabulous features! I WANT that potting bench!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring Charm’s room!! You just made my weekend, and it just started:)!

  8. Danka & Graci for the feature Miss Kelly, Mr. Roo and Ms. Hen. I’m sitting here thinking maybe I should of turned that old dresser into a potting bench! Wonder what I could of come up with? Hmmm….that will be the next craptastic thing I find.

    You all ROCK!


  9. Thank you so much for featuring me with such amazing talent. I feel so honored! Those are amazing picks too. Love each of them, and featured one at my own party! That amazing Rock and Roll Dresser. So cool!

  10. Awesome features! SO many great links to check out!
    xo Becca


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