Someone’s Gonna Smell Good: RRR Features

I’m feeling that “just get down to business” bug, so let’s jump right in to see who grabbed our attention this week with some fantastic Repurpose – Remodel – Reveal linkups!

I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments when I saw From Generation to Generation’s embellished knobs. She took some vintage jewelry and blinged out her furniture with a little glue. Love transformations like this!

I also found myself loving on this dollar store platter turned chalkboard from Mom 4 Real – I’ve been seeing a lot of chalkboard projects lately and I’m officially inspired to try my own.

Postcards from the Ridge not only remodeled her bathroom, but she transformed an old dining room buffet into her bathroom vanity. She totally got into all three categories of RRR with this one – and doesn’t it look great!

I was left asking myself why my room doesn’t have a loft for when I want a little “me” time like the one Stone And Rose built for her son. Probably because I’d trip and bruise my spleen if I had to climb all the way up there. There’s no harm in dreaming though right?

I couldn’t pick between Just the Bee’s Knees incredible stencil job or her inspiring lamp makeover so I’ve decided to list both projects. Her house is so gorgeous, if you click over, you might never leave.

And who doesn’t follow At The Picket Fence? They have a huge link party and are the nicest pair of sister’s out there. Oh, and they can decorate and paint like no other. Check out this armoire done over in ASCP – you won’t believe the before (take a close look at the handle upgrades).

What was the top most clicked links at this weeks party you now ask? The Blooming Hydrangea’s “Little A’s Vintage Inspired Bedroom”. There are so many cute crafts and colors that would make this a favorite of any little girl.

Our second most clicked link belonged to none other than Hating Martha. Janel’s been showing off her kitchen to give us all a peak at how the queen of “imperfection” lives – and who wasn’t curious about that?

A hearty congratulations to Elizabeth G. for winning a body butter and body spray from Layers by Scentsy, you’re going to love it! Let us know which fragrances you want and we’ll have the good folks over at Scentsy get them mailed out to you!

Thanks to everyone that linked up, we hope to see you back the first Friday in May as we party all over again!

If you nabbed a feature either here or on Facebook, feel free to help yourselves to one of our featured buttons.

And remember, if you’d like to pin these (and really, why wouldn’t you?), please remember to do so from their respective websites to give credit where credit is due.

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  1. That just made my day, my week…heck, I’m set for a year on good feelings!! I got a feature on RRR…woot!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the awesome feature! :) I can know say I was the most clicked on, wait, does that sound bad? 😉 I’ll be back to party soon! Thanks to the Rooster & Hen for making my day!

  3. Awww…you guys are the best! Thanks so much for the feature and for hosting your awesome party! :-)

  4. Oh wow! Thanks so much for featuring our bathroom redo. I’m honored! Have a great weekend!

  5. What lovely features! Congrats to all =)

  6. I am so blown away with your feature…Who would have thought something soooo simple could sparkle many more furniture projects…Thank you, Lovely Lady…And, Thanks to you, Rooster and Hen…
    Blessings, Becky

  7. Fabulous features – as usual. Love Bee’s Knees and At The Picket Fence’s – great picks!!

  8. Always amazed at all the incredible talent out there — awesome features, guys! That vanity is to. die. for.
    Have a nice weekend ~ xo Heidi

  9. Awesome features! I have crossed paths … and commented on … quite a few of your picks (yes, brilliant minds think alike) but there are a few blogs featured that are new to me. And it’s always exciting to find a new fab blogger …

    Now I’m off to get a closer look at some of them. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!



  10. Oh, and I must tell you that I love love that you link the feature pictures to the blog sources …



  11. Elizabeth G. says:

    Hooray!! Thank you so much. I like Vanilla Cream for my Scentsy body butter and spray.

  12. Cindy Hughes says:

    There are so many cool, fun ideas out there. I think I really appreciate the last statement most about giving credit where credit is due! How true how true….

  13. Thank you so much for featuring my son’s loft!! It is an honor to be featured with so many talented people. Your comments made me giggle… we will try and keep our spleens in tact over here! Have an awesome weekend!


  14. Thanks so much for the DOUBLE feature!! You guys rock! And what great inspiring pics from your RRR party. Can’t wait for the next one!!