Porch Mini Makeover: Pattern and Planters

My mom’s porch mini-makeover is underway now that we have the front door painted a lovely shade of yellow. Already the space is much brighter and welcoming than before so we’re moving on to the next projects – adding pattern and interest – and it’s coming straight from the mood board.
window box
My mom’s window box is a fun accent to the house, so it’ll stay, but I need to add more color to the area so I’ve settled on a chevron pattern. It should be a fairly straightforward project since I’m making it by first putting on painter’s tape.
chevron pattern
I’m half tempted to just leave up the blue tape since it’s kind of cool, but I’m determined to stick to my mood board.
chevron box
Then I use the leftover paint from the door and roll it right over my tape.
chevron planter
The final outcome is a great complement to the door that brings in a modern flare.
chevron decor
We continue on our journey of adding pattern as we finally turn our attention to the white bench with it’s dreary seat pad that’s long since had the color sucked out of it by the sun.
white bench
While we didn’t mind the white on the actual bench itself, the purpose is to introduce more color into the porch, so I sprayed it with a jade colored paint.
paint a bench
The makeover continued as we move from bench to seat cushion. Thank goodness it hadn’t been weathered beyond use. The stuffing still held together fine, even it looked like it had seen better days. The ikat fabric we picked out is called Kaufmann Nadia in Green Tea. It really brings in all the colors of the mood board into a cohesive design. Plus with a little Scotch Guard it’ll be just dandy outside.
ikat fabric
The sew job was a quick one – we simply roughed out the shape of the seat and sewed a cover to go right over it. I hand stitched the end (after stuffing the whole thing inside) and added eight self-cover button covers to finish up the project and tighten up the seat.
refinish a bench
We then found ourselves in desperate need of a small table to go along side the bench, but without much of a budget left we had to be extra resourceful. Dustin found a white wood planter box that wasn’t being used and my mother found a piece of table glass. Wouldn’t you know it, it made the perfect end table, especially after the addition of a potted plant!
make an end table
And finally, we solved the hose-that-looks-like-a-snake problem by winding it in a large planter that wasn’t being used for anything.  I really like the pots and planters we used have that rustic aged look, it really keeps with the style of the house.
hose storage
Anxious to see what it all looks like together?  We’ll be debuting the final shots of this whirlwind project at Friday’s Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal linky party. What will you be linking up?

Update: We finished up the project and you can view it here!

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  1. LOVE that chevron planter box!!

  2. Oh I absolutely love it all! Just wanted to officially say “hi” and glad to be following! :)

  3. Yay, I love the window boxes. I’ll be back for RRR to see how it all hangs together.

  4. Awesome blossom. That chevron rocks! One quick question? How do I follow you site by e-mail? I truly want to be BFF’s :)


    • I think you can click on RSS and choose the option “Get The Rooster and The Hen delivered by email”. Let us know if that doesn’t work (we’ve not tried it yet!)

  5. I think you can click on RSS and choose the option “Get The Rooster and The Hen delivered by email”. Let us know if that doesn’t work (we’ve not tried it yet!)

  6. Love whats going on here! Cant wait for the final reveal, and your link party debut!

  7. It all turned out just perfect. It is so nice to see flowers blooming, (we still have snow here) Splendid job!!

  8. Beautiful! I love it so much I had to share it! Thanks for linking up. :)


  9. That is one wicked-awesome window box and I already know I am going to love the bench!!

  10. Looks really great!

  11. very cute! come to my house and spruce it up next, k? :) thanks for sharing!

  12. Fabulous!!! It’s SO CHEERFUL!!!! I would LOVE to sit on your front porch with a hot chocolate. :)

  13. Beautiful. How come I go to my kids homes to paint & decorate? When they gonna come here and do stuff like that for me?


  14. Thanks for stopping over today…and voting for me on the Homies! You are so my homie :). I am just now starting to think about my spring porch. Which is strange cause we got 13 inches of snow dumped on us yesterday. But you know. Anyways, loving the chevron outside the house…looks classy! And I do the same thing with the hose and the pot. Its a great, inexpensive way to keep it looking neat! Great job!

  15. I sure to love that yellow! Looks great in chevron on the planter!

  16. OMG I absolutely love the yellow chevron planters! TOO CUTE!
    I’m so glad I found your lovely blog! :)
    I’m following !

  17. I love the fabric for the bench and those chevron planters! They’re so sassy! I’ve been wanting to do a chevron design on canvas for a little while but the idea of taping it off has me running for the hills… but you make it look so easy! (And the end result so worth it!) Great job!

  18. Cannot wait to see the final reveal! And doesn’t our tribe rock and roll …



  19. It’s looking great! Just like your mood board! I love the chevron and cushion!

  20. Your planter looks great! I love the chevron pattern. Beautiful job on your bench and cushions too! Visiting from A2D!

  21. Part of the joy of family is completing projects together. We help when we go to the kids, they help when they come home. The planter is beautiful, snappy! Nice job. I love painter’s tape! Already following but linked from A2D.

  22. Your makeover is fabulous! I love the pops of yellow, and the new fabric for the bench cushion.

  23. I love the chevron flower box. Great pop of yellow with the red flowers. Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim.

  24. I featured you tonight – This whole porch makeover is WONDERFUL!!!!! Thanks for linking up, feel free to grab a “featured” button from sidebar if you’d like. And hope to see you again at tonight’s party! :)

  25. LOVE the chevron planter! Great way to bring some pattern to the outside of the house!