Please Pass The Peas

When Kelly of Eclectically Vintage invited us to be part of the “Pass It On” project we weren’t sure exactly what we’d be getting into. But when we received a manila envelope last week in the mail with these vintage gardening spoons, we couldn’t be more excited.

Not only were these spoons an exciting gift to receive, but we couldn’t believe how thoughtful the gift was. Kelly had read our post about spring gardening and made these spoons with a metal stamp kit.  She stamped each vegetable that we plan on growing this year.  Seriously, this is one of the most creative and fun gifts ever!
engraved spoons
The spoons are the perfect way to mark where we’ve planted our spring veggies.  The spoon stands proud as the budding peas emerge.
garden spoons
Now that we’ve received our gift in the Pass It On project, it’s our turn to create and mail off to couple of bloggers a homemade gift from us.
gardening spoons
The idea is to perpetuate the attitude of giving by sharing with others.  Hopefully the giving chain will continue, brightening the days of hard working bloggers everywhere.  In the end, it’ll be fun to track the chain backwards and forwards as it expands.
Pass it on project
We owe Kelly a big thanks for including us (she is after all one of the original founders of the project) and we look forward to passing on a couple of gifts in the coming weeks.

PS – If you’re interested, Kelly actually sells these on her Etsy store named…wait for it…Eclectically Vintage.

PSS – If you’re into gardening like we are, you’ll want to check out this What is Bokashi page from Bio Bokashi, full of ideas on how to Bokashi.  You’ll love it!

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  1. What an awesome gift!

  2. Wow – they look fantastic in your garden! Glad to see them so happy in their new home!
    Glad you like, and so happy you are passing it on with us!

  3. These vintage spoons repurposed into garden markers are so darn cute! I love this idea, and so wonderfully done. thanks for sharing them with us! Little Bit

  4. So fun!! I love those spoons. So fun to see the Pass It On project going. Can’t wait to see what you make and send. Please feel free to link your post up to my facebook wall. I am including links to everyone in my post and pinning everyone’s projects in my Pass It On project Pinterest board. :)
    Happy Friday!

  5. Great project, great idea. Makes me want to start my own garden, just so I can put some spoons in it!

  6. Those are so pretty. Love the timeworn look. Great seeing them in action too! Thanks fro the RRR reminder 😉 See you tomorrow!

  7. How much fun!!! They look right at home… she’s brilliant! And caring. And fun. Etc. :)
    Happy weekend, friends!
    PS- I posted about my gift from KariAnne today, too. :) Great minds!

  8. Okay. I’m late to the party here. Been a bit busy going through some linkies, you see. And I’m determined to read and comment on each and every post (no matter how, well, can you say dismembered “My Size Barbie” hands …)

    And I digress. Just love those stamped spoon garden markers …



  9. I love these little spoons! They look so sweet in your garden!

  10. Awesome. Thoughtful. Perfect for you.


  11. These spoons are so clever!!!! And much more durable than the little copper ones I tried to write on with a magic marker last year!! Very cool.

  12. I’m so happy that you guys got those! Your gardening post inspired me to try a very small veggie garden this year, I hope I can follow along with you.


  13. I love those stamped garden markers. Perfect for spring and for your garden! I am so glad you are part of the “Pass It On” project!

    Hope you had a great weekend planting veggies for your spoons :)


  14. Good gosh, these are cool! That Kelly is something else, I tell ya. Lucky you!


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