Gnarly Paperwhites

We’ve got spring on the brain over here – and the balmy 60 degree weather is making it hard to focus on indoor projects. But with Easter on it’s way, it’s high time we started to bring some of the spring beauty indoors. Traditionally we don’t put up much Easter decor, but I think that’s because we’re still recouping from taking down and storing Christmas. That and I think we’re officially out of holiday storage space.

On our trip to San Diego, we stopped by a warehouse store that was liquidating miscellaneous tchotchkes. Completely random stuff like strawberry scented coasters, deviled egg slicers, neon colored melon-ballers, and sourdough bread mix gift bags. Somehow, in a moment of weakness, we got roped into the frenzy and left having purchased a sandwich de-cruster in the shape of two dinosaurs. I’m dead serious, you can’t make this stuff up.
dinosaur sandwich
Anyway, as a bonus for our purchase, we were given a bag of three Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs. Never one to turn down a free-with-purchase gift, we tossed our goodies into the back of the car. I’ll admit, our bulb windfall had me remembering Dreamy White’s awesome paperwhites last December…

Dreamy white bulbs{source}

Despite my dreams of paperwhite beauty, we forgot all about them until we made it back home a couple weeks later. Not the best plan if you like your paperwhites to stand tall and proud.

By the time we paid any attention to them, they had already begun to sprout. And since the poor things continued to lay in the bag on the counter, they had started to grow into a semi-circle instead of straight up. So while our poor little free bulbs looked non-traditional, we were determined to love them anyway.
paperwhite bulbs
We’ve had a clay vessel of sorts sitting around since last summer’s garage sales and we’ve not quite known what to do with it. Without it’s top, it looked like a surprisingly adequate planting pot. It’s amazing how two of your problems can become their own answers when you’re lucky.
paperwhite flowers
So with a bit of spray paint, we changed the pot from it’s adobe color to an off-white and planted our wayward bulbs.
repurposed pot
We’ve never grown these before but the instructions say to make sure not to cover too much of the bulb, and to avoid giving them too much water (or they’ll rot).

They won’t turn out nearly as beautiful as the above pictures, but if the stars align, they should be almost ready to bloom around Easter and we might have a festive piece of decor after all.
We originally had planned this post to go up with the Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal Transformation party starting on Friday, but we’ve got some big things planned so you’ll just have to consider this repurposed pot as our project of the week.  Hope to see you Friday!

Since we we’re inspired by the project and pinned it for future reference, we’ll be linking up to Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge!

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  1. Neat! I hope they turn out for you. They’re so pretty!

  2. I planted 6 in one pot but they didn’t bloom at the same time! So 4 bloomed and 2 sad little fellas took their sweet old time. I had to remove them and put them in individual pots! Hope yours decide to bloom together.

  3. Love paperwhites! BTW- Do not underestimate the power & draw of the dinosaur cutter 😉 We have the same (but in green) and little man will only eat the good for you bread sandwich if it is in “Dino” form ! LOL!

  4. Wait, don’t really cover with dirt and don’t water? That’s the type of plant I could grow!

    But I’ve heard that they don’t smell so great …



  5. Little Bit says:

    Thanks for the linky party invite… I hope to be back tonight to link up. I’ll put your link on my sidebar for great link parties, thanks for the tip. Your site is beautiful, I’m following via LF…hope you’ll follow back. Little Bit from