Favorite Neighbor Christmas Gifts

This time of year the Internet peaks for searched ideas on Christmas gifts for those folks with whom you work, play or gossip. There are also parties to attend and people that you want to shower with love and thanks. Unfortunately, Christmas gifts can add up quickly for those of us on a budget, so making a homemade gift can be the perfect answer to that timeless Christmas question – “What do I get the Smiths for the holidays?” The solution needs to be easy to execute (odds are you’re making more than one), and cute enough to get a few ooh and ahhs.

Here are a few of the ideas that I’m loving right now:

Reindeer oats by No Fuss Fabulous. How could you not get a kick out of receiving these? She has a whole section on doing a breakfast with this, complete with Blitzen Berry Yogurt, I love it!
reindeer oats
Decorated Pringles tubes for cookies by Jen Morris. I love the simplicity. As a bonus, you have to eat through the Pringles to get the tubes. Double awesome.
pringle cookies
Tissue pack holder by Martha Stewart. Family craft the kids would love to help with.
tissue holder martha stewart
S’more Love by One Simple Addition. I smile just looking at this, so cute.
Hand soap gift by Crafts Redesigned. Nice and simple!
hand soap gift
Handmade Christmas ornament by Better Homes and Gardens. Stuff it with whatever you want – except leftover Halloween candy – have to admit, that’d be a little chintzy.
handmade christmas ornament
Homemade vanilla extract by Whipperberry. I’ve seen this everywhere and I love the idea, brilliant!
homemade vanilla
Heating pads by Martha Stewart. Cold winter nights + warm heating pad = time to snuggle.
Martha Stewart Heating Pad

With these ideas in mind, we got a chance to try our own version of a homemade gift. We were recently invited to a dinner party and decided to whip up something to let the host and hostess know how much we appreciated their holiday invite.
burlap poinsettia
I picked up a poinsettia and decided to dress up the pot with some burlap and fabric. I cut a round piece of burlap (2 ft diameter) and hemmed the edges to keep it from fraying.
burlap poinsettia
Then, taking a 4 foot length of fabric, I hemmed the sides and sewed a ½ inch strip down the center, allowing enough room for twine to be threaded through it.
dress up a poinsettia
Then I simply wrapped up the whole thing, using the twine threaded through the ruffle to hold it together.
burlap poinsettia
And, since we procrastinated this project and were running late for the dinner, we really didn’t get a decent picture of it- oops.
burplap poinsettia
But you get the idea right? So the big question now is, what will you be doing for your friends and neighbors this year?

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  1. I’m diggin’ the new image “signatures” at the end of each post! Also, your porch looks awesome – I love those ornaments (I know, I’m commenting on the wrong post, but I can’t be bothered to scroll down right now).

  2. I too am digging the rooster and hen images! Just another example of why your blog is so clever. Wanted to give you the link to the post I wrote up about you guys today:
    Hope you enjoy!


  3. I’m so glad I saw this! I was planning on giving our neighbors hand soap from Bath & Body Works but the cute little “Christmas Wish” tag will add something fun! Thanks so much!

  4. You guys are awesome! I love all the ideas you share, and the SO CUTE things you make!

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    Thanks for providing these details.