Please Pass The Peas

When Kelly of Eclectically Vintage invited us to be part of the “Pass It On” project we weren’t sure exactly what we’d be getting into. But when we received a manila envelope last week in the mail with these vintage gardening spoons, we couldn’t be more excited.

Not only were these spoons an exciting gift to receive, but we couldn’t believe how thoughtful the gift was. Kelly had read our post about spring gardening and made these spoons with a metal stamp kit.  She stamped each vegetable that we plan on growing this year.  Seriously, this is one of the most creative and fun gifts ever!
engraved spoons
The spoons are the perfect way to mark where we’ve planted our spring veggies.  The spoon stands proud as the budding peas emerge.
garden spoons
Now that we’ve received our gift in the Pass It On project, it’s our turn to create and mail off to couple of bloggers a homemade gift from us.
gardening spoons
The idea is to perpetuate the attitude of giving by sharing with others.  Hopefully the giving chain will continue, brightening the days of hard working bloggers everywhere.  In the end, it’ll be fun to track the chain backwards and forwards as it expands.
Pass it on project
We owe Kelly a big thanks for including us (she is after all one of the original founders of the project) and we look forward to passing on a couple of gifts in the coming weeks.

PS – If you’re interested, Kelly actually sells these on her Etsy store named…wait for it…Eclectically Vintage.

PSS – If you’re into gardening like we are, you’ll want to check out this What is Bokashi page from Bio Bokashi, full of ideas on how to Bokashi.  You’ll love it!

The Rooster and The Hen

Our Sinister Blog Plot

If you joined us for the first edition of our bi-monthly Repurpose, Remodel, Reveal party (and it’s actually still going on for a few days more if you want to link up a transformation) you may have noticed a shout out to a linky party going on with the theme of “What do you want your blog to be when it grows up?” hosted by a group of 10 awesome bloggers.

We had to get in on the action, so we’ll be taking a slight breather from home decorating, DIY, and thrift finding for a moment to talk about our future plans, aspirations, projects and sinister plans to conquer the blog world (insert hearty cackle here).

Becoming Blog Overlords
When we first started the blog, we thought it would be cool to have someone regularly read our ramblings. That is, outside of our mothers. We’ve since discovered that:
1) There are quite a few of you that come back for a frequent dose of The Rooster And The Hen.
2) Our mothers don’t read us nearly as often as we thought.

It’s all good. Mom gets a weekly call to tell her in person what’s shaking and you stop by and leave comments, send us emails, chat with us on FB and Twitter or follow Whitney’s pins. What we’re trying to say is we like you. We really really like you.

But we want more, lots more. So when our blog grows up, we’d love to have lots of blog paparazzi – the good kind that follows you on social media or lines up like Storm Troopers to watch you take control of the Death Star – not the kind that shows up at your house, sneaks pictures of you on vacation at the beach, or goes through your garbage. That’s creepy.

chainsaw projects

The (Not So) Secret Plan
If there’s one thing that makes our day, it’s when blogs add us to their reading list under a “home decor” or similar category. We’ve been known to do a craft here or there, but the main focus for our blog is identifying problem areas, visualizing the transformation with a mood board, executing the plan using creative and thrifty means, and finally revealing the projects. It’s the pattern we’ve used since the blog started, and we like how it plays out like a story.
Mood boards
When our blog grows up, that’s one thing we don’t plan on changing. We’d like the blog to be one of the places you head to for inspiration both from us and those that link up at our party. We’ll try to keep the ideas fresh, the content flowing, and the mood light. Just don’t expect us to reveal the secret identity of our treasure lairs and hunting grounds – super villains have to have some secrets (but we have a shocking lack of self-control so probably will anyway).

Finding Trusty Sidekicks
Our house has plenty of projects that still need conquering, such as:

Our very neutral dining room.
neutral dining room
Our beat-up play ground, and lifeless yard.
play ground
Our blah basement.
Just to name a few.

We plan on blogging about all these projects (and more), but we don’t want to do it alone. We’d love to find some sponsors to fill up our side bar as well as a guest blogger from time to time. We have some high hopes of inviting bloggers to stop by as guest judges and help find their favorites in our RRR linky parties too. All in the future…

We’re taking our diabolical plans on the road to link up with the party going on right now. Go ahead, one link-up won’t hurt….Buhahahahaha…

It All Started With Paint
Thistlewood Farms
The Space Between
Eclectically Vintage
The Cottage Market
Primitive And Proper
ReFresh ReStyle
Stay At Home-ista
Bliss Ranch
Top This Top That
Adventures of Our Fami-Ly

The Rooster and The Hen

Random Ramblings and an Announcement

Is it just me or is anyone else in absolute awe with John and Sherry at Young House Love? We’re plenty busy with our little blog here, and we even tag team most of our projects. But they’ve got a book coming out, just completed a huge photo shoot, publish more than one post a day, manually approve comments, take and edit a bazillion photos, have speaking engagements, not to mention write their life blog and do other gigs. Are you kidding me? We gotta give them props, we’re blown away.

The News Break

Feeling like epic underachievers, we figure it’s high time to get on those blog new year’s resolutions on which we’ve been dragging our feet. First up is our promise of a link party with a focused theme:  Repurpose. Remodel. Reveal.

We hope you’ll stop by to link up your room reveals, remodeling projects, crafts involving a repurposed or recycled item, furniture reveals, and mood boards. We really want to make this a home design inspiration spot where you can browse some great ideas and meet some talented bloggers focused on decorating, improving, and showing off.

the Rooster and The hen

The Skinny

We’ll be hosting the RRR party the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, and then on the 2nd and 4th Fridays we’ll announce our favorite projects from the week before. Hopefully that’ll give everyone lots of time to create and post their projects, take a look at the link ups, and vote for their favorites, keeping the content nice and fresh each party. So mark your calendars for March 2, 2012 for our first party, and feel free to invite your friends.  We all know that big parties are more fun.

The Browsing

Second on the list is getting our blog a little more search-able, so we’ve re-categorized and re-tagged our posts so they’ll be a bit easier to find. Once we get a few more projects under our belt, we’ll create a dedicated page for our home tours and mood board-inspired projects including the master bedroom and peacock bathroom. Should make browsing our posts a bit more simple.
blog categoriesThe Progress

And inspired by Kate at Centsational Girl, we’ve also made our site mobile friendly, so our fans visiting by handheld devices should see faster load times. It comes with an option to turn off the mobile feature if you’d prefer to see the original site right at the bottom. For anyone interested, we went with the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin and so far it’s working great. Curious to see how your site will look on a mobile device? We found the Opera Mini Simulator to be a great tool to test out how your site comes across. It’s a handy little program for those of us that don’t have fancy phones…yet.
mobile rooster and henThe Rambling

And last but not least we’ve added a few new items to make keeping in touch a snap.  There’s a new “buttons” tab so grabbing a “The Rooster and The Hen” button will be easy and we have a variety to choose from.  Also, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve added the new Linky Followers tool so that you’ll have another option for following us once GFC bites the dust. Leave us a comment if you’d like us to follow you back, it’d be our pleasure.

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