A casual home tour

This morning starts out like many others – I’m laying in bed half asleep for nearly 30 minutes, and the sound of our three year old using the bathroom finally jolts me into reality, mostly since I’m worried he’s missing the toilet altogether. Elaya shouts at me from her crib, desperately trying to let me know that she’s ready for some breakfast. I’m now officially awake.

Dustin’s already on the computer and reminds me that we’ve got a goal to get our next post up before 10 am. Yeah right. I remind him we’re on vacation but he suggests we pump out our first mood board, and that actually sounds fun to me. All weekend I’ve been clipping design photos from magazines and know that it shouldn’t be hard to put together some of the millions of ideas running through my head.

However, trying to narrow down all these ideas into one presentable format is becoming a challenge, not to mention taking a lot longer then expected. Somehow it’s two hours later and the kids are getting into all kinds of trouble unsupervised. In an attempt to save our sanity, we put the mood board on hold and decide to enjoy the beautiful weather while checking out a few model homes in the area for inspiration.

Our first stop is in a community not far away entering its last phase of construction. We bypass the real estate agent smoothly, appearing too consumed with our children to give any really relevant information about our intentions. Whew, that was close.

The entrance to the home looks promising but my hope quickly turns to disappointment as I realize it’s a cliche model home with the standard neutral tones that appeal to the general public. These are the kind that have “hotel art” and accessories that are the opposite of unique or funky.

We move on to the next neighborhood, this one’s behind beautifully crafted iron gates and comes complete with a security guard who’s clearly convinced our minivan might pose some sort of threat to the 30 or so homes that have been built. We avoid looking her in the eyes and are rewarded with a temporary pass to visit the sales office.
This one did NOT disappoint. I absolutely loved the color palate and drooled over the textiles (not literally, that’s disgusting). I wanted to sit on every chair, eat at every table, and touch every accessory. Let’s just hope they didn’t have hidden cameras.









PhotobucketDesigned by CDC Interiors, home constructed by Lennar.

This outing was the perfect way to ignite the imagination for plans for my home.  The challenge now?  Recreate some of these looks for a fraction of the cost that they did.  Now the fun begins…

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  1. Heidi Johnson says:

    Love the round ottoman in the bedroom! The Amy Butler rug isn’t bad either. If Dustin doesn’t ever feel up to going and you need a partner, invite me! Only in my dreams would Greg ever care about any of this stuff.

    • I know, isn’t that ottoman amazing? I’m laughing out loud picturing Greg checking this stuff out. I’ll go with you anytime!

  2. I want every pillow from this post, is that too much to ask?

  3. I’m not a “blue” person; but, I do love your style and your furniture redo’s!! I like to upcycle and recycle things. You do wonderful stuff!! Keep sharing!

  4. reminds me just how soothing blues/greens can be :0)
    there is so much to love about this post it is redic!!!

  5. Love everything about this. Saw the bedroom on Pinterest and the whole house is just as beautiful! Would love to see what the kitchen looked like???

  6. Have been trying to get a bedroom palette like this for 2 years now. My key problems are getting right color wall paint, coordinating (and large) area rug, and coordinating window treatments. My walls are currently somewhat Disneyish looking and I’ve bought and returned dozens of window treatments…and one ginormous rug. Beautiful wool and silk rug, but I can’t get things to look good together. How do you people do this stuff? :)

  7. What is the bedroom paint color? The bedroom with the yellow flower graphic pillows. Would love to know.

    • I cant be sure but it really looks like Wedgewood Grey from Benjamin Moore..I have those same euro shams…that’s the color of my bedroom.

      • After looking again..it could be one of the Silver Sage paints from Restoration Hardware too! Especially since they are using a lot of Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs products.

  8. Am dying to know the color of the walls of the blue-ish room with the white and yellow throw pillows. Just went through a disaster of trying to pick a neutral tan for my bedroom, incorrect lighting won in this case. I am loving this look, however. Thanks : )

  9. Is this in San Diego across from Del Sur??? Either I swear I have been in this house, or this is a real coincidence. I remember loooooving the decor! Random how small the internet can seem- right across the street apparently.

  10. Where did you find the rug in the bedroom?

  11. i love the color walls in the bedroom! what color is that and what brand?! i adore that color!

  12. We are about to redecorate our bedroom and I would love to know the paint color of the bedroom with the 2 chairs and ottoman, thank you!


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